Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory
The Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory was a toy factory, owned by Mr. Weed, before he died and it was torn down to build a gay sex toy factory called "Homo E. Rotic Toy Factory". Peter Griffin used to be employed there, before said demolition in "Mr. Saturday Knight".


In "Death Has a Shadow", Peter fell asleep at the switch, when he was supposed to be monitoring the toys to make sure they were safe for children to play with. This allowed for a lot of dangerous toys to slip past the radar, causing numerous fatalities and major injuries among a widespread group of children, that could all be traced back to The Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory. Such deadly and dangerous toys included but were not limited to a an ax, being marketed as a baseball, a box labeled Pound Poochies filled with cyanide pills, and a baby doll doll that breathed fire. When news about this broke out, the reputation of Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory was ruined and Mr. Weed was obviously not happy about it. Because of this, he fired Peter Griffin, only for him to get his job back in the end, by filing for a disability claim.


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