Fanon version of Halloween on Spooner Street.


The episode is identical as the canon version but when Lois tells Chris he can't go out dressed as Bill Cosby because he looks like he's wearing blackface, Peter comes in. "I've had just about enough of your nagging bitch!" He beats her black and blue and sends her upstairs. He allows Chris to go out dressed as Bill Cosby. We hear Chris knock on Cleveland's house. "Chris, what the hell!?" Yells Cleveland.

Meg goes to the party but manages to avoid being partnered with Chris for the wardrobe dare because of his obvious costume. Chris is being beaten up by some black kids in his school year because they are offended by his costume.

Peter, Cleveland and Joe pull pranks on Quagmire as usual.

Stewie gets his candy stolen as usual. Stewie gets his candy back by killing the bullies. The mosquito bites Brian giving him the mysterious illness.

They arrive home triumphant with candy and share it. Meg comes home with a boy she did the wardrobe mystery make out with. Then Chris runs past the house screaming while being chased by an angry mob of black people.

Bonus episode: Peter's silly hate crime.

Based on the YouTube poop happy as a FamaF Gug.

Carter Pewterschmidt beats Peter on fire with a slipper to put him out repeatedly. The animation cycle is repeated.

In Da Boom, Peter eats the dehydrated food supplies that was supposed to last a month, suddenly he is thirsty. He drinks a glass of water and suddenly inflates because the dehydrated food has expanded inside him. Everybody leave I have to poop. Now! The family pause resulting in him shouting Now! again. They leave in a hurry but return as the animation is reset back a few frames. He yells Now! again three times, they repeatedly leave but return. Then Peter becomes the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, well we just pasted Beast's head over the top yelling GET OUUUUUUUUUT! They finally leave.

In a shot in the dark, Peter now hated and accused of racism for shooting Cleveland jr, tries to paint himself brown, Lois tries to beat him up as per canon but Peter beats her up instead. He spits on her and goes out painted brown. A few seconds later an angry mob of black people chase him screaming down the street.

In Peter, Husband, Father, Brother? At the NAACP when they find out Peter spent his reparations money on himself selfishly, Peter is edited to say "You're a negro now." In the microphone causing everyone to stand up suddenly and angerily glare at him. The scene cuts to a scene from I am Peter, hear me roar. Where an angry mob chases him.

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