In procces Iv decided to make a three way fannon crossover fanfiction a Family guy American Dad and ? Yes one other family will help but You dont know and I dont Even know I will put shows in and draw them out of the Hat and whoever gets it gets The? Spot so In an Hour the first Chapter will begin

"Chris dont miss your trip to the CIA" Called Lois

"Okay mom Im coming." said Lois

Chris raced down stairs he didnt want to miss brekfast he was also exited that he got to sleep inside the CIA. He glanced at his Permission slip that his mom Gave him He sure hope who was giving the tour was freindly.

Meanwhile in Langley falls...

"Come on francine"stan said as he was eating his brekfast

"Why are you in a hurry honey" said Francine

"because the last person at the CIA has to give this boring as hell tour to some dumb kids from Quahog rode island and it isnt going to be me."

" Stan" Rodger said "remember some kids from danville school are going on the trip as well." dont remind me rodger. Replied the Cia man as he rushed out the door.

"Stan your lunch" Francine said but to late her husband was gone in a flash

Chapter 1 complete

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