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Grapes: The Musical is an unofficial musical, inspired by the eponymous botanic berries, that have existed for over 8,000 years. The musical consists of a series of songs, sung by grapes in the episode "Stand By Meg".


Come And Eat Us

Come and eat us
We won't choke you.
Put us in your fa~a~ace.
Come on, Stewie
We're delicious.
You'll enjoy our ta~a~aste.
Come and eat us.
Judge our flavor.
Rate from one to te~e~en.
Shall we tempt you
With a woman?
Or do you like me~e~en?

You Should Have

You should have sliced us,
Diced us,
Skinned us,
Thinned us.
Liquefied us in a cup.
You should have chopped us,
cropped us,
slit us,
split us.
Used a knife to cut us up.
Now you have no air.
Ha ha ha!

Soaring Through the Air

Soaring through the air.
Filled with life and flair.
Free of any fear.
Now my goal is near.
I'll be turned to wine.
That would be divine.
Much like an angel ...
Soaring through the aiiiiiir.

What of Me Now?

Here I lie
On the ground.
What of me now?
All the others
Turned to wine
Friends of mine
My wife, a single frau.
I've not blood
like the rest.
I'm not allowed.
No bowl.
No bunch.
No stems.
Not even my own punch.
I was once an aspiring fruit.
But fruitless, was my shot to succeed.
The pain is now. The hope was then,
But is here, where I begin again.
In my heart, I hold a seed
So even when I die,
I'll return, as a vine,
And earn a second try.
Today I begin the life that I've dreamed-


  • Many scholars have interpreted the story of "Grapes: The Musical" to be a a metaphor for The Holocaust, as it features a Polish grape, being shunned from a group of German grapes, as he does not share the juice or "blood" of the others.
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