God's Girlfriend Janet
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God's Girlfriend Janet is the current girlfriend of God.


God, being a single father is looking for a girl to help fill in the gap in his life, where a romantic partner should go and Janet is his best decision. However, she and God have some problems with each other. God is trying to take things too quickly and Janet is kind of a pain in the ass. God wants sex like 4 times a day and throws a fit when they don't do it that much, he always begs her to not use a condom, and also wants anal. Janet is rightful to deny this stuff, but she's also very anal (pun intended) about other things. Like, she always whines about how he's running the world and is so nitpicky, telling him that he needs to do everything the way she wants it. She's also a bit of a stickler about smoking. Apparently, she wants God to quit, but he's tried many times to quit and it's never ended good. God has not been honest to her and there have been many episodes where God was seen flirting with other girls and having sexual and romantic thoughts about them. Their relationship is clearly not meant to last and they are certainly not going to get married if they know what's best for the both of them.

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