Glenda Quagmire
Glenda Quagmire
Glenda Quagmire
Full name

Glenda Quagmire




Flight attendant
Aviatrix for the annual airshows
Homeless Shelter Volunteer
Prostitute (briefly)
Sex offender

Voiced by

Alex Borstein


Pretty much every episode that featured Quagmire and/or his house in it.

In an alternate universe, Glenn Quagmire is born a woman, so her first name is Glenda. She's a sex-crazed bisexual nymphomaniac. She enjoys hanging out with Peter, Cleveland and Joe at the Drunken Clam.

She works as a flight attendant at the Quahog Airport. She's known to have sex with some of the passengers.

She's very protective of her younger sister Brenda.

Even though she enjoys having sex with guys, she likes girls way more. She's obsessed with Lois. She hates Brian, whom she had dated one time.

She sometimes gets pregnant numerous times due to some of the men she has sex with forgetting to wear a condom.

One time, she married a good-looking guy named John Sullivan who was the Griffins' free butler for a week. She soon realize her mistake, after seeing Lois's enlarged breasts after weening Stewie. However, upon discussing the possibility of annulling their marriage, John threatened to kill himself. So with the boys' help, she faked her death. But Death arrived to retrieve the body, John pleads for Glenda's life, and accidentally touches Death's arm, which kills him instantly. Death takes John instead since "he was suicidal and [Death] did come for a Sullivan", but not before Glenda having five more minutes with John's body.

In an alternate timeline, Glenda and Lois got married. They are very open with their relationship.

In a universe with no Christianity, Glenda has a three-way with a married couple.

In a Japanese universe, Glenda is a geisha who loves to offer sex to both men and women.

In Lois, Glenda is the next-door neighbor and Lois' (heterosexual) best friend. She would visit Lois at her house or go out shopping, and having girl chats. She desire to snag herself a rich and look-looking husband.

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