Gina Resedes
Gina Resdes
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High School Student

Gina is a popular student at James Woods Regional High School. She is Connie D'Amico's best friend and fellow cheerleader.


Gina's first appearance is in "Let's Go to the Hop", when Meg finds her doing "Toad" behind the school with Connie and others. She is seen later in the episode bullying Meg for not doing Toad.

She is seen again in "And the Wiener is..." when she, Connie, and others bully Meg twice. She is seen later in the episode at Connie's birthday party. In "A Fish out of Water", she is seen at Spring Break with Connie and their friends. Gina is also seen many times in other episodes, mostly likely with Connie when she's humiliating Meg. She is also in other episodes in the background such as "Barely Legal" and "Peter's Daughter". It's revealed in "McStroke" that she has a MySpace page.

Beginning with "Stew-Roids", where she is called Gina for the first time, she is now seen wearing a different usual outfit, in which her yellow tank top is now light blue and her brown, striped pants and brown shoes are traded for blue jeans and white shoes.

Gina was originally voiced by Alex Borstein, but is currently voiced by Hispanic actress, Camille Guaty.

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