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George is a classy, aristocratic baby, who is friends with Stewie. Like Stewie, George has a big wheel of his own. He first appeared in "Hotline Hot Mess".


In "Hotline Hot Mess", Stewie missed Brian, after he moved to Spinazola Apartments and needed another friend that would be "classy" and "cultural". He decided to try and socialize with the other babies at Quahog Preschool. Stewie managed to climb the social ladder and get in with the "higher social class" students. One of those students was George, who became a great friend of his, fittingly replacing Brian. Stewie went to his fancy house and enjoyed everything about it. Stewie would often go golfing with him, because it was such a fancy thing to do.

In "Pal Stewie", George was invited to Hudson's party. Stewie became jealous of the fact that he wasn't invited to the party, despite the fact that everyone else was.

In "Island Adventure", George rode his trike past Stewie's house and told him about a puddle, he was going to drive through. He invited Stewie to join him and Stewie said he'd be there. Unfortunately, Stewie would later realize that his trike had been thrown away.

In "Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song)",


George is a Caucasian male baby with fancifully shaped brown hair. He wears a blue shirt with white sleeve collars and a white pop collar. He also wears reddish pinkish board shorts and white socks and blue shoes.


George is a classy, intelligent, precocious aristocrat of a one year old baby boy. This causes him to be a bit narcissistic toward anyone, he deems lower than himself on the social scale.


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