G-Chord is a song sung by Stewie Griffin in the episode "Ocean's Three and a Half". The song is a draft of what would soon become a love song dedicated to Susie, "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)", which turned into an insult song directed at Brian, halfway through.


Stewie: You got your G-chord right here.
It's like your cozy house where you live.
That's where you start your journey.
Here I am in my house nice and cozy.
Then you poke your head out the door with a C-chord.
Everything looks okay out here.
Maybe I'll take a walk outside to the D-chord.
Oh, walking around outside. Look at all the stuff out here.
And then we go to an A-minor.
Getting a little cloudy out here.
Looking like we might have some weather.
Then we go to E-minor.
Oh, definitely got some weather.
Things are a little more complicated than they seemed at first,
And then we go back to my house!
Brian (Speaking): You sound like an unbelievable douche.
Stewie: Then Brian comes in and I change up the tempo.
Brian comes in and he changes the song.
Looking at me like he thinks I'm a douchebag,
But he's gonna learn pretty fast that he's wrong.
Hey Brian, why are you bringing me down, man?
Why are you bringing me down?
Stewie (Speaking): Music and lyrics by Stewie Griffin.

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