Funko Pop Dolls
Funko Pop Dolls are a toy line of collectible dollies called "Pop Heads" that resemble various cultural icons. They made some of these of Family Guy characters.

The first collection of Pop Heads was released in 2015, with a collection of Griffin Family members and the Beer Bar Buddies.

In 2016, a second set of Funko Pops were released, with various recurring characters of the show.

In 2017, a third collection was released, with Griffin Family members in zany costumes.

In 2020, a collection of new characters is set to be released.

Pop Heads

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

  • Naked Peter
  • Astronaut Cowboy Peter
  • Maxi Pad Peter
  • Slutty Lois
  • Goth Chris
  • Makeover Meg
  • Ray Gun Stewie
  • Drag Stewie
  • Banana Brian
  • Dead Brian

Collection 4

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