Brian Sings About Veal
Frank's Restaurant is a song sung by Frank Sinatra Jr., Brian, and Stewie in the episode "Bookie of the Year".


Brian: You love the meal, the fancy feel,
The show biz stories while you eat your veal.
It's family dining with a mobster feel,
At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Stewie: Junior!
Sinatra: The wine is red, with lot's of bread,
Sinatra (Imitating Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone): And portion's-a bigger than a horse's head.
Brian: You'll burp up sausages tonight in bed,
Sinatra: At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Stewie: Here's a toast, to our host.
The food's not great, but,
Drink enough and you won't know.
Brian: The Guests will swoon and Frank will croon
Stewie: A beep-boop-doobie-dop Italian tune.
All: You'll dine like royalty at Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Sinatra: We got big plans to please our fans.
Our cocktail waitress has enormous cans.
A men's room servant who will dry your hands,
At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Brian: Our pizza pies could win a prize.
The jukebox catalog is double-size.
It plays both Capital and yes, Reprise, (pronounces "reprise" phonetically)
Sinatra (Correcting Him): That's Re-preeze.
Brian: At Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Stewie: Gorgeous views
Brian: And top-shelf booze.
Sinatra: Yes, we serve Jews.
Stewie: Um, that was never an issue.
All: So raise your glass, we'll have a gas.
The seating's limited so move your ass
And plant it firmly here at Frank Sinatra's Restaurant.
Frank's Restaurant.
Frank's Restaurant.

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