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Late 20's - 30's

Fouad is a guy who works at the brewery. Peter describes him as "the foreign guy, who laughs at everything", which he is. Fouad is a man from the Middle East, who responds to every joke he hears with a laugh that goes "Ohoho! Yes!", followed by an explanation as to why the joke is funny and what exactly the punchline is.


In the episode "Chick Cancer", Fouad and Peter take a coffee break and Fouad laughs at a guy, who's being sarcastic about the weather. Peter, being an idiot, doesn't get the joke, until Fouad explains it to him. Fouad is also heard, as an attendee for Peter's movie premier of Steel Vaginas, slightly pissing off Peter.

In the episode "Brian Sings and Swings", Fouad is present in the little joke-telling group they've got going on at the Brewery. Peter becomes the funniest guy in the workplace, after using stories from his everyday life and putting them into jokes. He also gets Fouad in on the funniest joke in the world, involving an Italian guy going to a hotel.

In the episode "Long John Peter", Fouad is the only one at the workplace, who appreciated Peter's pirate jokes. When Angela asks Fouad to dispose of his parrot, Fouad laughs at how he repeats him and explains the joke, which the parrot repeats. This then causes an infinite loop, which leads Angela to fire them out of a cannon.

In the episode "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven", Fouad reveals that he is a Muslim.

In the episode "The Tan Aquatic Life of Steve Zissou", Fouad is mistaken for one of the tanned men, because he's of a different race.

In the episode "Padre de Familia", Peter suspects that Fouad is an illegal immigrant, and orders Angela to run a test for him.

In the episode "A Lot Going on Upstairs", Fouad is shown as one of the benched characters. He laughs at Stewie, explaining how the joke is that Stewie will never come back.

In the episode "Saturated Fat Guy", Fouad returns, laughing at Peter for not being able to trade lunches with anyone, due to his gross new healthy foods.

In the episode "HttPete", Fouad had to put up with nobody telling jokes anymore.

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