Follow the Money
Follow the Money is an episode of Family Guy.



Carter sends Chris a one dollar bill for his birthday, but when he believes that is all there is to it, he throws it on the floor in anger where it is scooped up by Stewie, and is later taken away by Peter. It passes though several hands eventually to Seamus who gives Meg his phone number on it in hopes of getting a date with her.

At The Drunken Clam, Peter gets into a game with the guys of trying to toss pennies into a shot glass. When he is the only one who cannot complete it and refuses to let them leave until he does, they convince him to try it with his eyes closed and surreptitiously drop in a penny, allowing him to run off to have sex with Lois to celebrate.

Eacx15 352a 03-0011 hires2 Meanwhile, Carter visits Chris and informs him that it is a rare misprint that features both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin on it and they set off in search of it. Meg spends the dollar where it passes though more hands in town, and completes her date with Seamus to his surprise after it came back to his hands without being aware that she saved his number before spending it. The dollar eventually ending up in a strip club where Carter and Chris observe it just before it is lost in a pile of stripper tip money. Carter gets the club DJ to turn off all of the club lights except for the blacklights and the bill stands out as the only one not covered in semen. But when Chris inquires how much it would be worth, Carter notes that Seamus had written his phone number on it for Meg and declares it worthless.

Stewie feels that Brian abuses alcohol too much so they place a bet over his being able to stop. But when Stewie catches him buying more booze at the Quahog Mini-Mart, they go to a drug den to buy pills to cut off his addiction with the aid of a "friend" of Stewie's. There, they find Dr. Harman is running the place. Stewie's "friend" tries to rob Dr. Hartman and is wounded by Cleveland Brown, Jr. They exchange gunfire and Hartman flees, only to return with his own gun and wounds Brian. Over dinner at the Quahog Supper Club, Brian admits he can't complete a day without drinking, which allows Stewie to needle him about his pathetically short attempt.

Chris and Carter enter a backroom at the club where everyone that appeared in the episode is participating in a private party, and pose for a group photo for Ellen DeGeneres. As night falls, Chris sleeps with his special dollar by his pillow as Lois exchanges messages with Ernie. Peter rouses from sleep long enough to tell her that he doesn't want her talking to him anymore but she gives him a final goodnight.


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