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Floyd Wetherton is a horribly disfigured former professional boxer, who speaks in slurred, nonsensical sentences that start off, barely relating to the conversation, but gradually trail off into complete gibberish. He first appeared in "Baby, You Knock Me Out".


Floyd Wetherton first appeared in "Baby, You Knock Me Out", where he served as a co-commentator on the boxing match between Lois Griffin and Deidre Jackson, alongside Tom Tucker. Floyd Wetherton rambled on and on, making a bunch of random barely intelligible statements about nothing every time it was his turn to speak. It was learned that Floyd was a 23-year-old with a Puerto Rican wife.

In "The Mortician", Floyd convinced Brian that if he wanted to get Jillian back, he would have to fight for her. That was how he got his fat Puerto Rican wife.

In "Amish Guy", Floyd Wetherton reported on the incident, where Peter broke the rollercoaster for being too fat. A woman came out of the rollercoaster wreckage, with her face being mutilated as well. He fell in love with her and asked her to marry him right after he dumps his fat Puerto Rican wife.

In "Halloween on Spooner Street", Stewie went trick-or-treating at Floyd's house and Floyd gave him a lamp instead of candy and told him "Gesundheit".

In "12 and a Half Angry Men", Floyd Wetherton was one of the jurers on Peter's second day of jury duty.

Episode Appearances


  • Floyd Wetherton may possibly be a parody on professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather.
  • As of "Baby, You Knock Me Out", Floyd is 23 years old.
    • Given that Floyd's birthday took place in the same episode as Peter's, it can be assumed that their birthdays aren't that far apart.
  • He has a strong headache, whenever he goes to sleep and wakes up.
  • He has a Puerto Rican wife, who at some point in their marriage, got fat. It's possible that he and this woman are divorced, as he mentioned dumping her in "Amish Guy".
  • Floyd Wetherton is very rich and lives in a fancy house.
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