Fjurg Van Der Ploeg
Fjurg Van Der Pleog
Fjurg Van Der Ploeg
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Fjurg Van Der Ploeg






Unnamed Son (son)

Fjurg Van Der Ploeg is a Swedish baker, who runs Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Bakery. He has a weird accent, that causes him to change the vowels in a lot of words. For example, he pronounces "Piece of pie" as "Piss of pee" and "Water closet" as "Waiter cloozit".


In "Love, Blactually", Stewie takes Brian to Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Bakery to help him get his mind off the fact that Carolyn dumped him for Cleveland. Fjurg came in with some pie and told his new customers that he'd be giving them a free piece of pie. Fjurg dropped the pie on Stewie's shirt and stained it, so Stewie went to the bathroom to wash it off. When he did, he spotted Cleveland and Carolyn having sex in there. Fjurg came in and yelled at them to get out for being so publicly indecent in his bakery.

In "McStroke", Peter went to Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Bakery, while he had a stroke and he talked like a crazy person, while Fjurg was also acting like a crazy person. Peter mashed some cake into his stroke mouth to eat it. It was ridiculous.

In "Dog and Dumber", Brian went to Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Bakery to drink away his feelings with a bottle of melted chocolate, after Jillian temporarily dumped him. There, he met up with Frank Sinatra Jr., who was performing at Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's Bakery.

In "Ocean's Three and a Half", Fjurg Van Der Pleog played a weird foreign game called Schpupel with Peter. In the game, you roller skate around a skateboarding park and jump on some inflatable rubber palls to pop them.

In "Married ... With Cancer", Fjurg served Brian and Jess some cake at his bakery. He told them to stay out of his bathroom, still remembering how Cleveland and Carolyn had sex in his bathroom back in "Love, Blactually".

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