• First Day is the first of The Cleveland Show 2. It is the first episode of Season 1.


  • Cleveland Brown and Rallo Tubbs (Mike Henry) is going to tell themselves a question on how it functions and then they talk about it themselves. He tells Rallo Tubbs it's a good day and then Rallo tells him good Cleveland and then he leaves. He goes to tell Donna Tubbs (Sanaa Lathan), Cleveland Brown Jr. (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Roberta Tubbs (Reagan Gomez Preston). He goes to tell Lester (Kevin Michael Richardson) that the rights are exagerating in the real past and then Lester tells Cleveland did you do it and then he tells him yes I did. Cleveland tells Lester thank you for the comebacks and flashbacks. He goes to tell Holt Ritcher and Terry Kimple (Jason Sudiekis) that there is no sellfish comebacks ever and then they answer the question and then he and Holt and Terry goes to meet Tim (Seth MacFarlane) and Wally (Will Forte) who are going to answer the questions are going to answer it correctly and then Cleveland tells them bye gotta go out. He goes outside and then he gets into his car and then he drives to the square in Stoolbend Virginia. At the square He meets a mall employer named Tim (Federico Castelluccio) who is telling him that he is going to help and then he tells Tim it's a good day and then Tim says nice job and then Cleveland Brown says bye see you later. He goes to the coffee shop. 

  • He goes to tell a coffee shop employee named Fred (Gary Sinise) who is going to give stuff on the right time and then he tells him good job today and then they talk together about why it means to get coffee and then he drinks coffee. He is approached by two hitman named Mel (John Guerrassio) and Adam (Forest Goodluck) who wants to give Cleveland revenge and then Mel punches Cleveland in the face and then Adam punches Cleveland in the face and then Cleveland fights Mel 2 times and then he is killed by Adam later and then Adam is arrested by a police officer named Leonardo (Leonard Nimoy) and then Leonardo puts him into a police car to be arrested. He goes to the church. At the church He tells a priest named Freddy (Vinny Duwe) that he must do it and then he thanks him again and then leaves church.

  • He goes to pick up Rallo. At home he tells Rallo good day today and then he tells Rallo good job. He goes upstairs to play with his radio. He listens to the radio. He does weight lifting with Cleveland Brown Jr.
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