it all begins with petor griffing. he is home with girffen brian watching tv. Roudouse was on tv. then petter got up and kicked the tv. rodhouse. he shuddered. brian got killed by peter because peter fucking hates brian. suddonly out of nowhere GOKU jumped out of the broken tv. Hello Petter. he said. hello goku you are my worsrt enemmy and i will defeat your ass. also your hair doesnt look good. peter got his friends and they shot goku with a gun. goku reppelled with a super sheild. goku kills meg. fuck you meg noone cared abont u anyways. petoer said. shut up. fight me. goku said. ok. the gun in peters hand transphomed into a grenade and exploded oon goku. Eoadhouse. peter says with a seirous face.


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