Family Guy Meets PBS KIDS is a crossover episode between Family Guy and PBS KIDS. It was written by the same creators. they wanted to make some money off of them, so they had to write this complete crap.


Family Guy has to leave Quahog, Rhode Island because they made an offensive video that gets an agry mob chasing after them. When they leave town, they go to Quahog, Rhode Island's next door neighbor town, also known as PBS City. It's the perfect place for them to hide out because it's out of sight and mind and it's not too far from home. There, they meet The PBS KIDS Hosts who allow them to live with them until the rage blows over. Peter becomes best friends with Frank, Lois becomes the best of friends with Sarah, Dot become best friends with Meg, Dee became best friends with Stewie, and Del became best friends with Chris.




Family Guy


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