Family Guy The Emmys
The Family Guy 2019 Emmy Short is a short clip of Family Guy that aired as the second act opener to the 2019 Emmy Award Show.


The Griffins watch The Emmys.


The Griffin Family watches The 2019 Emmys in their living room and Meg starts to comment on how great The Emmys are, before being shut up by Peter, telling her to wait for the audience to stop cheering, before she starts talking. Once the audience finally shuts up, Peter tells Meg that she can start talking now. Meg again reiterates how great The Emmys are and how amazing it is to see all these starts getting ready for the award show. Peter reminisces that back in his day, he used to love watching The Emmys because of all the great celebrities who were awarded during those times. He then goes on to list Bill Cosby and Roseanne multiple times, as great people who had been awarded for doing great things. Peter then says that he's excited to see who this years "Bill Cosby" and "Roseanne" are going to be and that they should watch and find out.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


Meg: Wow, the Emmys! I can't belie-
Peter: Ha-ha-hang on, hang on. Let's give everyone a minute to settle down.
[Peter and Meg wait for the audience to stop cheering]
Peter: There we go. Okay, Meg, continue.

Meg: Wow, the Emmys! I can't believe all the stars that came out for this.
Peter: Well, kids, in my day, The Emmys was always the night of the biggest stars and the best winners. It just seemed like every year, it was Bill Cosby, Roseanne, Roseanne, Bill Cosby, Bill Cosby, Roseanne, and Bill Cosby. The Emmys has always been great at rewarding great people for great work and who will be this year's Bill Cosby and Roseanne? Let's keep watching and find out.


Cultural References

  • This episode is done in light of The 2019 Emmy Award Show, as it aired as a short, to open the second act of the event. In this episode, The Griffins are shown watching said award show on TV.
  • Peter mentions how Bill Cosby and Roseanne Barr won Emmys in the past, and sarcastically laments about how great they both were. This is a reference to how recent years have seen Bill Cosby being revealed to be a sexual offender who spiked women's drinks and how Roseanne has turned out to be a complete racist.
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