Ezra Shlomorozensilverblotbergstein
Family Guy character

6,000,000 (in Jew years)


Rabbi/JIDF Lieutenant


Chaim (brother), Shlomo (cousin)


Oyvey this is like the shoah all over again! Don't you stormfront goys realize that your rights end where my feelings begin?? We're gonna shut YOU down!

Voiced by

Ben Garrison


Road to Israel (first appearance)

Rabbit Ezra Shlomorozensilverblotbergstein is an orthadox jewish rabbi from Tel Aviv, Israel that Brian and Stewie meet when they go to Israel. He is a supporter of the Jewish Internet Defense Force and mistakes Brian and Stewie for a pair of identical racist members. Ezra and the JIDF chase the duo all across Israel and threaten to "shut them down".

Nice try jidf

Ezra's cousin Shlomo in a deleted scene, emailing the JIDF

Behind the Scenes

Ezra was voiced by prominent Rhodes Scholar, politcal cartoonist, and outspoken white supremacist Dr. Ben Garrison in what is seen as a bit of a departure from his usual line of work which includes anti-jewish political cartoons and standing up for white America. In a recent interview, Dr. Garrison stated that although television voicework was out of his comfort zone, he enjoyed providing the voice of a "zionist kike rat" and that he hoped his guest appearance on Family Guy would help draw attention away from the false image of Ben (as a Libertarian who loves jews and has been victimized by the internet) often portrayed by his by his detractors in the JIDF and the OHPI.

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