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Evan Johnson is the first husband of Carol West. He was introduced in "Brothers & Sisters".


Evan Johnson is the first man Carol ever married. She married him when they were both in their twenties, and after only knowing him for six months and their actual marriage only lasted half that time. Although both the Johnsons and the Pewterschmidts were initially off put by their gun-jumping marriage, they eventually got their heads around the concept, assuming that it wasn't too short of a time before they got married. At their highly-expensive and stupidly elaborate wedding, (which cost $8.5 million, paid for entirely by Carter Pewterschmidt), Evan and Peter had one brief conversation about The Red Sox. Peter didn't care about the subject that much but he was fine with having a passing conversation about it. Ever since that one interaction, every time Evan and Peter have crossed paths again, Evan has always felt the need to bring up The Red Sox and strike up long-winded conversations with it, much to the lethargy of Peter. Evan and Carol got divorced after three months of being married because they realized they weren't compatible. (By which I mean Carol acted like a total bitch, treating Evan like shit and being extremely bossy, rude, and demanding to him, causing him to get mad and finally dump her sorry ass.) Carter was pissed to hear that all his money went to waste, but he couldn't get mad at his precious little angel, so he directed all his anger toward his undeserving employees at Pewterschmidt Industries. Babs and Lois on the other hand were very appalled, when they heard Carol's misgiving and the monetary waste it caused. However, recognizing how hurt she was by the incident. They decided it was best not to tell her what she did wrong and instead comfort her in her time of need. To this day, Evan still occasionally visits The Griffins and annoys Peter with conversations about The Red Sox.


Evan is described as "the most kind and attentive man I've ever met", by his ex-wife, Carol West. He is also a fan of The Red Sox.

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