Esther Esthederm
Esther Esthederm
Esther Esthederm

Esther Esthederm is a friend of Meg's and the secret lover of Homer Griffin. She spends many days of her life browsing Instagram, and posting unflattering selfies. Her instagram account is @EstherEsthederm_22

Notable Quotes:
"Can't you give a girl a break?"
"Just go ahead and kill them already, not like anyone's gonna care!"
"Heh. Sure Meg."


Esther is notably wearing a blue T-shirt, with pale white capris and dark high-tops. She likes to keep her hair up in her own unique style, matching the colour of her squared off eyeglasses.

References in Pop Culture

  • Family Guy [unverified]
  • Yale University mascot
  • MineCon 2014 (with Homer Griffin)
  • Funny Meeting 3


  • Only Meg knows of her secret relationship with Homer Griffin, despite it being made relatively obvious in several episodes of Family Guy.
  • With her history of being an illegal migrant, she does her best to make a positive impact for herself and the world she's understanding.
  • In the episode "Scrammed Yankees" Esther says that she likes Instagram.
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