Edward Luther Lopez
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Edward Luther Lopez

Full Name:

Edward Luther Lopez



Edward Luther or Edward Luther Lopez is Riley Parker's best friend, he is the youngest

employer of the Rhode Island Fast Food Deli Restaurant. Riley calls Edward, Ed all the time when they were 12, Edward's friend, Alexandria Smith had met each other when they were 12 as well. He has a brother named Alphonse(Ed always call his brother Al, almost like in the series "Fullmetal Alchemist", he is the chef in the restaurant he works in now, he has always been hated in his school "James Woods High".


  • Season 1: Age 12
  • Season 2: Age 12
  • Season 3: Age 12
  • Season 4: Age 12
  • Season 5: Age 12-13
  • Season 6: Age 13
  • Season 7: Age 13
  • Season 8: Age 13-14
  • Season 9: Age 15
  • Season 10: Age 16
  • Season 11: Age 16-17

Favorite things to do

  1. Using Alchemy
  2. Being like Riley
  3. Acting cool
  4. Going through places
  5. Being like Edward Elric


Ed has been trying to prove to his best friend ,Riley, that alchemy is real. One time Edward had really proved Riley wrong after testing out his alchemy without a transmutation circle

Edward testing his alchemy in Family Guy: The Anime Guys

or a sign of alchemy. Ed had tested his alchemy on a wall at his room, Riley and Alexandria had been amazed at the time.

Beyblade Metal Matches and Tournaments

Edward has won several WBBA Tournaments, he has Scythe Kronos and has won over 3 WBBA Tournaments.

Edward's Bey, Scythe Kronos T125EDS

He has won three times to Brian Griffin, twice to Alexandria Smith, once to Vincent Valentino and none to Riley Parker and Stewie Griffin. He lost five times to Riley Parker, four times to Vincent, twice to Brian Griffin.


Edward has long golden-blond hair, he sometimes keeps a ponytail on it, but he usually puts on braided hair. He also hates being called short, runt, brat etc. He is also small for his age 150 cm (4'12") he wears a black long sleeved shirt and a yellow coat. He has yellow eyes, exactly like Edward Elric, unlike Riley, he believes that Alchemy is the ultimate science of the world.

Edward's appearance in Family Guy: The Anime Guys


  • Since Edward's father, George Lopez is born American, and half mexican, he can't understand what spainsh people say.
  • Edward and Riley have both things in common, they are both the same age, they have birthdays in summer.
  • Mainly, his mother would braid his hair in the morning, he was shown braiding his own hair, and any other girls braidinghis hair.


  • George Lopez (father)
  • Alphonse Maximilian Lopez (brother)
  • Angie Lopez (mother)
  • Benny Lopez (grandmother)
  • Marty Lopez (grandfather)
  • Paul Perez (half brother)
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