• Opie and Peter and Chris and Foaud and Brian and Cleveland and Quagmire and Bob and Jack are hanging out in the house and then they have a reference. Peter leaves the house with Bob Powell and then they go to Bob Powell's apartment where he lives and then Peter stops there. Peter walks up to Bob's apartment with Bob and then they enter and go inside. In Bob's apartment Peter has a meeting with Bob and Jack and then they meet together and again and then he meets Donna and Rallo and Cleveland Brown Jr. and Roberta to make the escape to track the key and then he leaves. Peter goes to the boardwalk and then swims to the countryside road and then he climbs to the edge and then he reaches a trailer park and then he has Ferara Mafia's and Balla's and the Los Angeles Vagos and then Opie kills the Ferara Mafia's and the Balla's and the Vagos and then he goes through them. 
  • Opie goes around the back of the trailer park and has the Russian Mafia's and then kills them and then he gets a call from Jack Ferara about it and then he kills them. Opie walks up to K-Dog and then they leave the trailer park and then exits and Opie locks it and then the 4 Russian Mafia's arrive to manipulate K-Dog where he was killed and then Peter kills the 4 Russian Mafia's that killed him. Opie takes K-Dog's gun from him and then he walks up to Jack Ferara to know the detection. Opie gets to the investigation point and then walks to it.
  • Opie has the Balla's and the Vagos and the Russian Mafia's and then kills them. Opie makes a escape with Jack Ferara and then he gets in the car with him to make the escape. At Opie's house Opie is safe away from bad guys. Opie waits for Peter and Chris to arrive when Stewie arrives.


Opie as Julian Glover

Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane

Foaud as Seth Rogen

Chris Griffin as Seth Green

Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry

Stewie Griffin as Seth MacFarlane

Glenn Quagmire as Seth MacFarlane

Bob Powell as Jason Jones

Jack Ferara as Frank Grillo

Donna as Sanna Lathan

Rallo as Mike Henry

Cleveland Brown Jr. as Kevin Michael Richardson

Roberta as Regan Gomez Preston

K-Dog as Jonny Weston

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