Dr. Gravitas
Dr. Gravitas is a serious doctor, who works at the Hospital. He delivers patients bad news in a serious and formal manner and substitutes for Elmer Hartman, when a situation is too serious or dire for him. He first appeared in "Married ... With Cancer".


In "Married ... With Cancer", Dr. Gravitas comes in to tell give a medical announcement to Jess, while her then-boyfriend, Brian consoled her. When he told them his name, they immediately knew he bore bad news. Dr. Gravitas told Jess that she had cancer and only had a week to live, which very quickly broke her down in tears.

At the tail end of the episode, Dr. Gravitas busted into the Holy Christ Church to proudly announce to Jess that she had beaten her cancer and would now live a full life, shortly after Brian married her.

In "Coma Guy", Dr. Gravitas and Dr. Hartman took care of Peter, while he was comatose. While Gravitas took his job seriously, cared for Peter properly, and gave Peter's family the right advice, Hartman drove him crazy by screwing everything up and making stupid mistakes. After Dr. Gravitas corrected him one too many times, Dr. Hartman got pissed off and slammed his equipment down on the ground and left in a huff, telling Gravitas that he might as well do everything on his own, which was actually the smartest thing Dr. Hartman had said all day.


Dr. Gravitas is an adult Caucasian male with dark brown hair and a handsome face. Dr. Gravitas wears a white lab coat, a light blue shirt, a dark blue tie, tan pants, and black shoes.


Dr. Gravitas is a very stoic and no-nonsense man, who, rightfully so, takes his job very, very seriously. Unlike most characters in the series, Dr. Gravitas is completely straight and never tells so much as a single joke, which makes him a rather contrary character for a series like Family Guy. Being such an intelligent and well-adjusted gentleman, Dr. Gravitas finds himself getting annoyed silly by his co-worker, Dr. Hartman and all of his buffoonish incompetence and cartoony antics that go on, when he's just trying to work.

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  • His last name, "Gravitas" means for something to be done in a serious and/or formal manner.
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