Donna Tubbs-Brown
Donna Tubbs
Full name

Donna Lou Retton Tubbs-Brown


40 (debut)
41 (as of Frapp Attack!)
42 (as of A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women)
43 (as of The Heartbreak Dog)


School Secretary (formerly)


Dennis Rodman (ex-husband)
Robert Tubbs (ex-husband)
Cleveland Brown (current husband)
Cleveland Jr. (stepson)
Roberta Tubbs (daughter)
Rallo Tubbs (son)
Dee Dee Tubbs (mother)
Janet Tubbs (sister)
LeVar Brown (father-in-law)
Evelyn Brown (mother-in-law)

Donna Lou Retton Tubbs-Brown (née Jones, Rodman, Tubbs) is the current wife of Cleveland Brown, stepmother of Cleveland Jr., biological mother of Rallo and Roberta Tubbs, one of the main cast members of The Cleveland Show, and later a recurring character on Family Guy. Donna is a very nice, pretty lady, who is so much more polite and hot than Loretta Brown was, so it's good that Cleveland married her and started a new life with her. She is the source of some attraction from Peter due to her firm breasts and large hot ass.


Donna made her first appearance in the episode "The Splendid Source", where the guys made a stop by Virginia and saw Cleveland again. Cleveland introduced them to the rest of his new family. Donna impatiently told them that she was still waiting on their wedding gift, and Peter told her that the gift was the show.

Donna's voice was heard in the episode "Baby, You Knock Me Out", where Cleveland sent Peter an audio-voice recorded birthday card. Cleveland was heard asking Donna to mail the card for him and Donna yelled back, saying that she was too busy with her own work.

Donna appeared again in the episode "Cool Hand Peter", The Brown Family payed Quahog a visit, and Donna hung out with Lois and Bonnie for the week. They did things such as getting drunk, dressing up Brian, and talking about which movie actors they think are hot.

In the episode "Life of Brian", she was seen with Cleveland and Junior at Brian's funeral.

In the episode "Baby Got Black", the guys made a prank call to Cleveland, all the way over in Virginia, pretending to be Loretta. They called him in the middle of the night and so he had to get out of bed. The back of Donna's head was seen, sleeping in the bed.

In the episode "He's Bla-ack!", she and the rest of the Brown family had officially returned to Quahog, following the events of the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, making herself a recurring character in Family Guy.

In the episode "A White for the Coloreds", Donna and Lois got into a fight, when Donna spanked Chris for breaking her great grandmother's urn. They forbade their husbands to hang out with each other, and started hating each other's races.

Episode Appearances

Note: Any episode prior to "He's Bla-ack!", Donna was only a character on The Cleveland Show, and only made referential cameos on Family Guy. Her first appearance as a series regular was in the aforementioned episode.

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