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Donald Trump
Full name

Donald John Trump




Massive Business Owner (mostly)
Family Realtor (formerly)
Reality TV Host (formerly)
The President (currently)


Fred Trump (father; deceased)
Mary Anne Trump (mother; deceased)
Melania Trump (third wife)
Ivanka Trump (daughter)
Eric Trump (son)
Baron Trump (son)
Tiffany Trump (daughter)

Donald John Trump (Born June 14, 1946) is the 45th president of The United States of America. He is a big fat dumb idiot with blond hair, orange skin, and tiny hands. He used to be the host of The Apprentice. He is bastardized in liberal media, left and right and lampooned all over the place. He also trolls people on Twitter. He appeared in the very special Family Guy two-parter special, "Hefty Shades of Gray" and "Trump Guy".


In "A Picture's Worth $1000", the Trump Tower appeared in the background, during a scene where Peter and Meg were walking down the lane in the streets of New York.

In "The Boys in the Band", Carl does an impression of Donald Trump, referencing to his role as host of The Apprentice, though Chris doesn't see it as very funny.

In "American Gigg-olo", a cutaway gag featured the video of Donald Trump having locker room talk on a bus, before the 2005 Access Hollywood show. Peter's voice in interjected into a cut of sexist statements by Donald, which had become a significant campaign issue. Peter was one of the guys, sitting with the group and he was making stupid comments. Live-action footage of Donald Trump could briefly be seen at the end of the cutaway.

In "Dearly Deported", Peter says that Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka is a "hot piece of ass".

In "Don't Trust the D in Apartment 23", Brian makes a shitty Trump joke on Twitter, saying that Trump shouldn't wear orange after Labor Day. These tweets get like two likes.

In "Petey IV", Vladimir Putin gets a text from Donald Trump, asking "Wanna go to Panda Express and grab some", followed by a few cat emojis, referencing to Donald Trump's "grab her right by the pussy" comment, as well as making a racist crack at Asians for eating cats. Donald Trump was also visible on one of the screens in Putin's evil lair, in a debate with Hillary Clinton. Putin said that in his evil lair, he rigged the U.S. election to make Donald Trump the president. This was a real conspiracy, by the way.

In "Switch the Flip", a guy needed to hire a college professor, after one of his previous professors got arrested. He told the job applicants, that he was not accepting anyone, who hasn't had sex with students or tweeted about assassinating the president. At the time this episode aired, Donald Trump was the currently acting president of The United States of America, making this a reference to him.

In "Are You There God? It's Me, Peter", God tells Peter that he won't be answering any Trump questions, and Peter says that he has nothing to ask him.

In "Pawtucket Pete", Peter tells Tony the Tiger, that he's sorry to hear about the fact that his wife was killed by Donald Trump's children, causing Tony to burst into tears, crying, just as a group picture of him and a bunch of other mascots was taken, making for a very hilarious picture.

In "Regarding Carter", Cleveland does some stand up on how Donald Trump called off an investigation into the Russians rigging the election that made him president.

In "You Can't Handle the Booth!", Stewie said that he saw Lois vote for Trump, when she carried him into the voting booth with her. Brian questions whether or not this is true and Stewie says that in all honesty, he doesn't know for sure, since he wasn't paying attention, being swamped with calls on his toy phone.

In "Throw It Away", a very bare-bones cutaway gag featured Lois saying that Donald Trump's hair was unusual.

In "Adam West High", Brian describes James Woods as a "political troll and a maniac on Twitter". This was a not-so-subtle jab at Donald Trump, especially since this description doesn't fit James Woods at all. Neither his real life or Family Guy version.

At the end of "Hefty Shades of Gray", Peter gets a call from Donald Trump, telling him that he wants him as his assistant in the next episode. The events of the following episode are foreshadowed, saying that Donald Trump will be making his first appearance, but Trump is not actually seen or heard yet.

In "Trump Guy", Donald Trump makes his first on-screen appearance as an official character and the entire episode is all about him. It was revealed he has orange skin.

In "Disney's the Reboot", Family Guy's feminist version, "Lois!", featured Meg wearing a pussyhat and making a slew of jokes about how much she hates the president.

In "No Giggity, No Doubt", Donald Trump, along with a slew of other recurring/one-time characters appeared outside of The Griffin House, as one of the potential candidates to go on the father-daughter camping trip with Quagmire, Courtney, and Meg instead of Peter.

In "Shanksgiving", Olav I, said that Abraham Lincoln was far worse than the current president could ever be. At the time of this episode airing, the current president was Donald Trump.

In "Short Cuts", Donald Trump makes his second full appearance as a character. Peter uses Lois' FaceBook account to donate a dollar to Donald Trump's border wall. Donald Trump publicly thanked Lois on live TV, which got everyone to think she was a Trump supporter, which naturally led to her being publicly shamed and hated by everyone, (even Jesus). Unfortunately for Trump, Lois was the only person in America who actually donated to him in a scene that took place in 2019. This meant that Trump could only put up one brick on the border of Mexico and America and that was it.

In "Cutawayland", The Griffin Family cutaway gags themselves into a cutaway with Donald Trump running an evil empire. Peter, trying to get sent to a cutaway gag with Adolf Hitler, asks Trump who he's always being compared to and Trump says "Jesus Christ", getting them sent into a cutaway gag in Heaven with Jesus Christ. Trump fears that he just died and Jesus assures him that he's alive and well because if he was dead, he wouldn't be here.

In "There's a New Mayor in Town", Joe joked that Robin, (a baby girl), was a better political leader than Donald Trump but nobody found his joke funny. Peter told Lois, "This is America. Men have been in control of everything and there's never been any problems whatsoever ... and don't say Trump."

In "La Famiglia Guy", Peter read the newspaper and read that Donald Trump got arrested and hung himself in jail. A sign showed up and said that this episode, which aired in 2020, was produced in 2019, so this is just what the writers predicted would happen that year and they asked if they were right. Obviously, they were not. Later, The Don introduced Peter to the Quahog Mafia and one of the Dons there was Donald Trump, himself, who was hanging from a noose, dead.


Donald Trump is a big fat piece of crap with ugly orange skin that makes him look like an Oompa Loompa who took a bath in a big tub of cheetos. Under all that orange spraypaint, he is a Caucasian with white skin. Donald Trump has big shiny blond hair that he wears in a mullet that is actually just a comb over to cover his sad bald head. His eyebrows are also blond and busy. Donald Trump wears a white shirt, a navy blue overshirt, a red tie, navy blue pants, white socks, black shoes, and a pin of the U.S. flag. He has tiny hands and a big stupid lumpy messed up face. Donald Trump speaks with a very deep stupid sounding voice.


Donald Trump is portrayed as a political strawman of his real self on the show. Donald Trump is a fat, moronic, ridiculous, orange faced, horse-ass-wig-wearing, pussy grabbing, idiotic, rotten, smelly, good-for-nothing, lying, lousy, misogynistic, inarticulate, unintelligent, hypocritical, braindead, shit-whiffing, unamerican, unpresidential assclown fuckface piece of shit, who, in a heinous twist of cruel and ironic misery, became our president. Donald Trump is a complete and total retard who doesn't know a goddamned thing because he has 900x more stupidity than every previous and future president combined. Donald Trump is also absolutely racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, and transphobic, making him totally unqualified to be in any position of power.

Episode Appearances


  • Donald Trump is the second non-Giant Chicken character in the show to get into a chicken fight with Peter. The first is Homer Simpson, as seen in "The Simpsons Guy".
  • "Trump Guy" was intended to be Donald Trump's first on-screen appearance in the show and it was marketed and hyped up as such. However, Trump had previously made a number of appearances prior. In "Petey IV", he was shown in a debate with Hillary Clinton and live-action footage of the real life Donald Trump was played in "American Gigg-olo". So, they did a pretty bad job at this.
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