Disney Peter Griffin is an alternate dimension version of Peter Griffin from a dimension, where everything is drawn by Disney. Disney Peter takes a starring role in the seminal masterwork "It's a Wonderful Day For Pie" sequence. In said sequence, Seth Mcfarlane displays his writing genius as Disney Peter's sheer ecstasy is conveyed through musical form. Disney Peter's primary passion is pie: so much so to the point he feels the need to break out into the aforementioned song upon the prospect of eating some. However, much like some of the greatest characters known to fiction, Disney Peter possesses multiple layers; his undying passion for pie is balanced out for his bitter hatred of jews. In a stroke of comedic genius, Seth Mcfarlane takes a stab at the rumor that Walt Disney himself was anti-semetic, by implying said prejudice permeated through his work in the Disney Family Guy Universe. Truly a powerful message, inspiring us all to think critically about who exactly is creating the media we consume. It should be noted that Disney Peter seems to have a far healthier relationship with his family in this universe - perhaps due to their combined love of pie, and hatred for the Jewish people. As part of the Disney Dimension, Disney Peter Griffin is capable of communing with Quagmire Bird, hinting that his true power is hidden under a happy-go-lucky sheen. Other notable feats include hovering upon smelling Disney Lois's pie, and being able to hold a pie fresh out of the over with his bare hands. Indeed, one shudders to think what would happen if Disney Peter used these abilities for anything other then expressing love of pie. 

Disney Peter has been found dead after being shot 14 times by a pie factory owner. It is believed that Disney Peter broke into the pie factory with the intent of stealing pies.

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