Disenchantment is a Netflix original, created by Matt Groening. It is a Medieval fantasy series, focusing on a drunken princess, named Princess Tiabeanie or "Bean" for short, becoming friends with a pathetic elf named Elfo and a badass demon named Luci. It is the third series by Groening, following The Simpsons and Futurama. Given that this show takes place in the past, it complete's Matt Groening's holy trinity of time-related shows.

Disenchantment in Family Guy

  • In the episode "Throw It Away", Lois Griffin dragged Stewie's time machine down the stairs and with every step, the time machine was activated, sending everyone to another time period. One of the time periods Lois sent everyone to was the Medieval ages. In the background, during this brief shot, Luci from Disenchantment was seen, hiding in the doorframe behind everyone.
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