Fan-made deleted scenes for Season 14. Add in any ideas.

“Pilling Them Softly”

  • Patch Adams: Doctor Hartman’s ringtone is the Patch Adams theme, and Stewie notes that the actual Patch Adams hated that movie.
  • Good Stuff: Stewie shows Rupert some good stuff.
  • Outbeat: Brian brags that Space Shire Seven could outbeat George R.R Martin’s projects.
  • Sex Life: Peter simply gets him and Quagmire fired by telling Carson about Quagmire‘s sex life.

“Papa Has A Rollin’ Son”

  • Subaru: Peter tells Joe that one of the advantages of living with Bud is that he has a Subaru.

“Guy, Robot”

  • Facebook: Stewie tells Brian that he also has racist jokes on Facebook, which Brian says he will consider.
  • Seamus: Seamus does his set.
  • Last Words: Lyle gives his last words to Brian.

“Peternormal Activity”

  • Invasion Of The Walker: Joe suggests his own story.
  • Cell Service: Peter notes that because of the “ horror movie era “, there is no cell service anywhere in the world.
  • Korea: Peter asks Albert about Korea.

“Peter, Chris, And Brian”

  • Gum: Peter force-feeds Chris gum to make him smarter.

”Peter‘s Sister”

  • Auto-Correct: Brian proofreads a porn Fanfiction where none of the names are real.
  • Monster Energy Drink: Stewie gets out his drink while watching Karen beat up Peter.
  • Funeral Preparations: Peter gets another call from the funeral home asking for orders in case Karen passes, and unlike the hospital, Peter agrees.

“Hot Pocket-Dial”

  • Tooth Fairy: Peter’s toothpick causes trouble with the Tooth Fairy.
  • Fourth Wall: Stewie breaks the fourth wall by pointing out that this is the second episode where a fight breaks out in the backyard.

”Brokeback Swanson”

  • Quagmire The Hedgehog: Quagmire gains super speed in the bull run upon seeing women with their tops off.

”A Shot In The Dark”

”Candy Quahog Marshmallow!”

  • Creepypasta: Peter wonders what a Korean creepypasta would look like.
  • Terrible Marriage: Peter, Cleveland, and the other Koreans harsh on Joe for having a terrible marriage compared to Quagmire and Sujin.

”The Peanut Butter Kid” a figh

“Scammed Yankees“

  • Rich Guy Jokes: Carter tries to make jokes that Peter does not get.
  • Gabe The Dog: Brian listens to Gabe The Dog while driving the girls.

”An App A Day”

“Underage Peter”

  • Strip Club: Peter decides to drink Chardonnay from a strip club and ends up in the male waiters basement.
  • Escape: Peter bets $10 he can’t escape community service, but then realizes their well past that.
  • Flame Ears: The beer ban is lifted just in time for Peter to drink his 100th beer.

”A Lot Going On Upstairs”

  • Football: Stewie has a nightmare that his head is used in a football game.

“The Heartbreak Dog”

  • Photos: Peter looks through Joe‘s baby photos.
  • Lois Photos: Brian wonders why there were so many pictures of Lois in the bathroom.
  • Hitting On: Bonnie notes that the other employees are ironically hitting on her.

”Take A Letter”

  • Starbucks Parodies: Peter tries to waste time at the coffee shop with Gretchen.

”The New Adventures Of Old Tom”

  • Transgender Bathroom: Peter tries to check for Lois in the bathroom, but doesn’t know which one.
  • Black News: Donna modifies the TV colouring so Dallas looks black.
  • Horrible Food: Peter rushes to Doritos Tacos upon seeing the billboard, but finds that the food is horrible.

”Run, Chris, Run”

“Road To India”

  • Marriage Joke: Brian tries to ease the crowd by telling a marriage joke.
  • Shredded Money: Brian tells Stewie about shredded money.
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