Dave Campbell
David "Dave" Campbell is the nudist patriarch of The Campbell Family. He is married to Dotty Campbell and the father of Jeff and Justin Campbell. He first appeared in "From Method to Madness".


In "From Method to Madness", Dave Campbell went boogey boarding and got caught in a riptide, which washed him out to sea. Dave paddled in the middle of the ocean, with no sense of where land was and thought he was going to drown. Luckily for him, Peter Griffin happened to be passing by on The S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Put Together and saved his life. Dave Campbell couldn't have been more thankful. Peter thought little of Dave's nudity as he had just been saved from the ocean. He had no idea Dave was a full time nudist until he went to his house later and saw that he and his whole family was butt naked.

Dave invited Peter over to his house for dinner to thank him for saving his life. There, The Griffins met his wife, Dotty, and his kids, Jeff and Justin. The entire event was filled with The Campbells making a bunch of naked jokes, which made things very awkward for the entire Griffin family.

In "Road to Europe", Dave and Dotty went to a KISS concert and saw Peter and Lois there. Peter and Dave got into a knowledge battle over who knew the band KISS better.

Episode Appearances

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