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Courtney Quagmire
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Courtney Quagmire
Full name

Courtney Quagmire


18 (deceased)


High School Student


Glenn Quagmire (biological father)
Kimi Quagmire (honorary mother)
Unknown Woman (biological mother)
Brenda Quagmire (aunt)
Ida Davis (grandfather)
Crystal Quagmire (grandmother)
Anna Lee Quagmire (half-sister)


"No Giggity, No Doubt"

Courtney Quagmire is the daughter of Glenn Quagmire and an unknown woman. Quagmire accidentally almost had sex with her, before realizing she was his daughter. Since her real mother is unbeknownst to both herself and Quagmire, the latter lied to her, saying that Kimi was her biological mother. She is a student at James Woods Regional High School. Before moving in with her father, she used to live in a crappy old garage, where she slept on a mattress filled with rats. She appeared in "No Giggity, No Doubt".


In "No Giggity, No Doubt", Quagmire went to the school dance at James Woods Regional High School and saw Courtney there. Quagmire flirted with Courtney and made his move, when she said she was 18. Quagmire recorded her stating this and recorder her consent, so that he could legally have sex with her and not get in trouble with the cops and took her home with him.

At home, Quagmire made out with Courtney on his bed and they were about to start having sex, before he heard her say "Giggity". This shocked Quagmire as this would indicate that she's part of the Quagmire family bloodline, with that phrase apparently being a genetic trait of their family. Concerned, Quagmire broke into his emergency family member kit and did a DNA test on Courtney. The results were positive, giving Quagmire the shocking revelation that he was the father of this girl that he was about to have sex with.

Quagmire and Courtney started to cope with the fact that they were actually father and daughter and Courtney explained to Quagmire that she grew up without a father ... or a mother. All Courtney knew about her parents was that her father knocked up a woman and left the next night. This perfectly described what Quagmire does on a daily basis. Courtney was the woman's baby. The woman didn't want to take care of her, so she just abandoned her. Since then, she's been living in the garage of her friend, Tiffany's house, where she's been sleeping on a lice-infested mattress among a bunch of dusty old pieces of junk and filthy rats crawling around.

Courtney still had no idea who her mother was and she assumed Quagmire would know. Sadly, even he forgot which woman this was, as there's just been so many, that he couldn't remember which one this was, specifically, let alone if he did it with her 18 years ago. Quagmire didn't feel it would be right to let her know this truth, so he quickly took of to go get her mother and got Kimi on board with the plan, so she could pretend to be her mother. Kimi came down and Courtney believed she was her mom. Kimi and Courtney really hit it off and quickly became good friends.

Quagmire and Kimi decided it would be wrong to force Courtney to keep sleeping in Tiffany's garage and they let her live in their house. Courtney happily obliged and they all became one big happy family.

At the end of the episode, Courtney rode in the police helicopter and had the brilliant idea to hang off of the helicopter's rope ladder, while it was moving. The helicopter pilot warned her that what she was doing was dangerous but Courtney ignored this and hung on the lowermost rung of the ladder with her legs, so she could be upside down. When she did, the helicopter passed over a highway, which decapitated Courtney and killed her.


Courtney is a Caucasian teenage girl with brown hair, a magenta top, blue pants, yellow earrings, a black belt with a gray buckle, red lipsticks, and lavender eye shadow.


Courtney is a seemingly normal teenage girl, who is very horny and sexually active. She gets this behavior from her biological father, Glenn Quagmire. She unfortunately lives a very poor life, not having any parents present in her life, meaning that she has no home. Because of this, she has to live in the garage of her friend, Tiffany, where she sleeps on a crappy old mattress infested with lice and other gross creatures. Around the garage, is a bunch of rats, both live and dead and a bunch of junk. However, she seems to be perfectly fine with this despite the fact that it's not okay. When Quagmire took her under his wing, she believed the blissful lie that Kimi was her real mother and never heard the actual truth. Courtney is very patient with her dad and is willing to accept any of the nonsensical and unprofessional things he does as a parent. However, this is really only because she's 18 now and hasn't lived an entire childhood, suffering this terrible behavior. Courtney also has an interest in gymnastics and is a member of the gymnastics team at her school.


  • It is still unknown which of Quagmire's girlfriends is her mother, or even if we've seen this girl before.
  • Like all of Quagmire's daughters, such as Anna Lee from "Quagmire's Baby" and the two strippers from "Bigfat", Courtney naturally says "Giggity" all the time.
  • In the uncensored version of her episode, the scene where Quagmire takes her home involved Courtney having sex with her biological father and not finding out that they're related until post-factor. However, in televised airings of the episode, the scene is edited and rewritten to make it so that she finds out they're related before they have sex.