• Opie and Peter and Foaud and Chris and Brian and Fernando and Lexia and Cleveland and Bob have a way to request it and then they do and then Opie checks for snacks upstairs. Opie takes the snacks downstairs and then he gives it to Peter Griffin and then Opie uses keys to his car and then Opie leaves the house. Opie gets in the car and then drives to the airport to follow Lexia to the plane and then Opie keeps following her to the runway. At the airport Opie and Lexia turn into the runway and then they drive past the plane and park at the airport and goes in the hanger.
  • In the hanger Opie follows Lexia through the hanger and then Opie keeps following Lexia out of the storage. In the plane hanger Opie lays low for cover and then Lexia picks up a camera and takes 1 picture of Opie and then the air of the plane blows on Lexia and pulls her in the air where the blood comes out. Opie has a group of Police teasers and then Opie kills them and leaves them for dead and then takes there weapons. Opie has a group of Corrupted Police officers and SWAT and FBI and military agents and then kills them and leaves the runway. Opie gets In the plane flies over the sky and clouds and then he flies over the ocean.
  • Opie flies the plane to the capital building and then he has a group of Downtown LA mobsters and then crashes into a building killing them and then gets out of the plane. In the capital building Opie has a group of Downtown LA mobsters and then kills then and gets to the restroom to keep out of sight. In the restroom Opie locates the missing information and then a group of Downtown LA mobsters arrive and then Opie kills them and picks up the missing information. Opie kills a group of La Downtown Mobsters and then kills them and jumps off a building and then is killed but survives.
  • In the hospital Opie wakes up alive And then he is sorry to interrupt Peter Griffins story about what is right or wrong in the country and then leaves. Opie gets in his car and drives home after the shootout was over safely. In the house Opie checks all cases to know what's right. Opie talks to Peter outside to know the details.
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