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Coma Guy is an episode of Family Guy.


Peter becomes comatose after a drag race with the Giant Chicken.




Major Roles

Minor Roles



Brian: Is there food on the floor? I can clean it up!
Lois: No!
Brian: Joe dropped a cracker! Joe dropped a cracker!

Cleveland: I only read four books in my life and three of them were about Johnny Bench.

Lois: Starting tomorrow, you are reading one of these books.
Peter: Little Women, Holes, The Giver. These are all porn categories. Black Beauty? Is there anything here that's not pornography?
Lois: 1984! Just read 1984.

Peter: You guys have 1984?
Joanna: We've got it on CD. CD. Ha! Sounds like my high school report card.

Peter: This is books!? Books kick ass!

Meg: It's crazy like JFK deciding to cruise through Dallas in a rental.
[Cutaway gag to a secret service agent returning the car to the rental shop]
Car Dealer: How'd that convertible work out for you?
Secret Service: Yeah, I don't ... I don't know. Good ... Okay.
Car Dealer: And did you get all your stuff out of the car?
Secret Service: ... Kind of?

[Cops talks over the radio]
Officer Stickbutt: Dammit!
Joe: What? what happened?
Officer Stickbutt: Get off this channel, Joe!
Joe: What? I wanna be an outside cop!

[Peter's family visit him when he's in a coma]
Dr. Gravitas: It's very important that you speak to Peter. He can hear you. Talk about the good times. What he means to you. Talk and keep talking.
[The family goes silent for a few seconds]
Lois: Let's just turn on the TV.

[Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin back in and out of the bushes]
Homer: Meme.
Peter: Not a meme.
Homer: Meme.
Peter: Not a meme.

Peter: The Godfather insists upon itself.

[Peter's friends visit him in the hospital]
Joe: Hey, ... if this goes south, ... is there a plan for Peter's rakes? ... Who's just get Peter's rake?
Chris: What did I tell you, mom? What did I tell you?
Joe: What? I thought it'd just be one less thing to worry about Peter.
Cleveland: You came out of the blocks too soon, Joe.
[Bonnie enters]
Bonnie: Oh, Lois. I came as soon as I heard. So, have you guys made any arrangements, rake wise?
Joe: Bonnie. Ixnay on the Akesray?

[Peter's heart rate starts back up and Dr. Hartman covers his face with the blanket as though he was dead]
Dr. Gravitas: No! That's the good sound!
Dr. Hartman: Oh, why don't you just do everything!? [leaves in a huff] I hate this stupid hospital.

Peter: Wasn't a true story, right?
Jose: What?
Peter: Coco.
Jose: No, it was fictional. Somebody make it up out of their head.

Peter: Mayor West? Angela? My dad? Quagmire's fat girlfriend who died in the Clue episode?

Dr. Hartman: Mrs. Griffin, I have some good news or some bad news, depending on how you feel about your husband.

[Peter is about to board the boat to his death]
Peter: Hey, before I go. What's the boat's wi-fi password?
Jose: Oh, there's no wi-fi on board.
Peter: [horrified] I DON'T WANNA GO!!!

Peter: I'm alive!
Mortgage Guy: I'm from the mortgage company. Mr. Griffin, you're three months late on your payment.
Peter: [pretends to be dead] Beeeeeeeep.

Lois: You know what it's like being married to you!? Every day, wondering if my husband's gunna die from something stupid!? Crashing your Petercopter, getting eaten at the zoo, running into a tunnel that's not really a tunnel but just something the Roadrunner painted on the side of a rock!
Peter: Yeah, well I saw him go through it!

Fly: [singing] And who am I? I'm a fly on the wall. A fly who's seen it all.
[Peter squashes the fly]
Peter: Aw, dammit! Now we gotta repaint!

Meg: Mom, what is it?
Lois: I thought maybe your father would show up at the last second and we'd have one of those airport scenes.
Brian: That's a nice movie trope, Lois, but the post-9/11 reality is, there's no way a non-ticketed civilian can-
[Peter crashes his car through the wall]
Peter: Lois! Kids!
Chris: Dad came! Brian was wrong again!

Peter: Maybe that's what a family is, you know? A bunch of people who try to kill each other.
Chris: I don't think that's what a family is.
Stewie: Eh, it is, kinda.

Peter: If I gotta have my plug pulled by somebody, I want it to be you and you're the only people who's plug I wanna pull.

Chris: Well, we all learned an important lesson. No one should ever read a book.

Chris: Oh my God, you guys! Another space shuttle exploded!
Peter: [sigh] Well, there's only one thing to do. Let's paint.

Fly: [singing] When shuttles blow up, it's not always an accident.
Stewie: What do you mean, not an accident? Who is this guy, singing?
Fly: [singing] And who am I? A conspiracy fly. Did you know NASA means "deceive" in Hebrew?
Peter: I did not.


Cultural References

  • The title is a pun on Family Guy.
  • The books Peter deems pornographic are Little Women, Holes, The Giver, and Black Beauty.
  • Peter goes to the library to listen to the book 1984 on tape, only to accidentally listen to Van Halen's album, 1984 and getting addicted to the song, "Panama".
  • The theme song to "The Goldbergs" plays to transition from The Griffin House to the library.
  • Meg jokes about the Assassination of JFK.
  • Lois puts The Simpsons on TV.
    • During Peter's coma, he dreams of himself backing up into bushes the same way Homer did in the episode "Viva Ned Flanders".
  • The Kool-Aid Guy from the Kool-Aid commercials appears.
  • Peter's dream selves say that The Godfather insists upon itself.
  • Peter and Jose have a conversation about Coco.
  • BoJack Horseman from the eponymous series appears in Peter's coma to tell him that despite the foreshadowing, he's not actually going to die. This is a reference to the BoJack Horseman finale, "Nice While It Lasted", where BoJack's previously foreshadowed death turned out to be a fake out.


Deleted Scenes

  • Peter judging Lois' speech and asking when everyone will be leaving.
  • Cutaway gag of Peter and Lois playing truth or date with Madonna.
  • Peter's backpack getting stolen.
  • Lois using a pancake to convince Peter to give up Van Halen.
  • Peter mentioning he made a promise to a banana pancake.
  • Dr. Hartman explains that Peter is comatose, normally.
  • Chris and Brian making noises during the awkward silence.
  • Joe and Bonnie trying to get Peter's rakes from him.
  • Woodrow Wilson waxing the lyrics of Van Halen's Panana.
  • Peter trying and failing to pee in the Panama canal.
  • Cutaway gag to Peter being a white woman on vacation.
  • Peter forcing the family to compliment Timothy Olyphant.
  • The Banana Pancake leaving The Griffin House to go to a party.
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