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Christine (formerly Christian and before that, Christopher) "Chris" Weston Chandler is a fat idiot on the internet, who became infamous for doing a bunch of stupid stuff such as acting like a moron, having sex with inflatable love dolls, drawing disgusting pictures of his female friend, and taking Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu and mixing them together to create his own original character called Sonichu. He has appeared a number of times in Family Guy episodes, where he's been mocked and ridiculed for his stupidity and dangerous behavior.


In "Fresh Heir", Chris Griffin asks his dad, Peter if he could go fishing with him. Peter turns him down, telling Chris that he already promised a fish that he'd go Chrising with him. A cutaway gag showed Peter and the fish going "Chrising", which is just them sitting in a boat and fishing in a lake and catching famous celebrities named Chris. One of these celebrities was Chris Chan, who moaned like a freak and said that he was the true and honest creator of Sonichu, asked Peter and the fish to hook him up with a girlfriend, and said that his favorite shows were Gilligan's Island and Family Guy. The fish was disgusted by this Chris and compared it to a Chernobyl mutation and told Peter to kill and and throw it back.

Near the end of "Quagmire's Sexual Misconduct: Not on Tape", Chris Chan tried to sue The Griffin Family in a fourth wall leaning joke, on how in real life, Chris Chan got mad that he was made fun of in the aforementioned episode, "Fresh Heir" and tried to file a lawsuit against the show but didn't make it very far couldn't even find a lawyer that would side with him because of how frivolous it was. In this scene, Chris Chan tried to sue The Griffins but Judge Blackman very quickly ruled against him. As Chris Chan pouted, Judge Blackman told him that he'll see him tomorrow, when they have a meeting with Nintendo and Sega, making a joke on how Chris Chan stole the two copywritten characters from those companies, (Pikachu and Sonic, respectively) to make Sonichu.

In "Girl, Internetted", Chris Chan had a stand at Comic Con, where he was selling Sonichu comic books. Chris Griffin was interested and we went up to his stand to buy a book and acted like a total dumbass, quickly getting along quite well with Chris Chan. When the two introduced themselves to each other, they retard-laughed about how they had the same name. Meg came up and Chris Chan fell immediately smitten with her and started grossly hitting on her. Disgusted, Meg rejected him and said that even she was above him, leaving Chris Chan in the dust, crying like a little bitch-pants.

In "Baby Stewie", Brian used Stewie's transformation machine to turn Stewie back into his normal self but accidentally turned him into a Pikachu, who lept up and said "Stewie-chu!". Brian tried to turn him back to normal again but this time, turned him into a Chris Chan, who said that "Stewiechu was his true and honest original creation.", while also wears a medallion of the aforementioned Stewiechu incarnation.


  • In real life, Chris Chan used to be a fan of Family Guy until the show made fun of him in "Fresh Heir". This pissed him off and got him to rage quit on the show and even declare war on Seth MacFarlane. He tried to sue the show for slander but naturally, he didn't make it far as the first lawyer he talked to let him know that due to him voluntarily posting his whole life on the internet, including all his personal information, he was technically considered famous enough to be considered a "celebrity" in the eyes of the law, ergo he was allowed to be made fun of.