Cast:Chris, Jennifer, Evil Monkey. Also appearing:Peter, Lois, Meg, Herbert, Joe, Quagmire, Mayor Adam West, Kristin Chenoweth, Blu, Jewel, Tiago, Carla, Bia, Bert and Ernie, Jesus, Barack Obama, Jake the Dog, Finn the Human.

Story:Chris is watching "Rio 2:Uncut Edition" that features Tiago cusses out Jewel. Then he sees a knock on the door, it is his old friend from school Jennifer. Jennifer tells him that he did a wonderful job singing at Music Class and he says that he only knows how to sing like Kristin Chenoweth. Then the next day, he invites Jennifer to dinner and Chris develops a crush on her. Lois really think she's a nice girl and thinks her and Chris should get together. Then at school, Jennifer tells Chris she's a lesbian and Chris goes into a HUGE spiral of depression. He sits on the couch and watches "Sesame Street" and then Jennifer comes in the house and gives Chris a present:a poster of Jesus and Obama playing basketball a la the Cleveland Show. She tells him that she lied to him about the whole lesbian thing and they go on a date.

Cutaway Gags:

Chris says that he sings like Kristin Chenoweth and goes to a cutaway of her singing a song from Glee and people screaming and covering their ears. Stewie says that Brian is the worst dog since "that one dog from Adventure Time" and goes to a cutaway of Jake humping on Finn's leg. Peter says that Chris isn't right for Jennifer, like the time he dated a blonde girl and goes to a cutaway of Peter talking to a blonde woman and the blonde lady sitting there acting dumb. Stewie says that Lois should unclog the toilet before the Potty Monster pops out and it shows Stewie sitting on the toilet getting eaten by a monster.

Cultural References:

The first scene is a parody of Rio 2. Rachel Crow reprises her role as Carla and Anne Hathaway reprises her role as Jewel. Brian is shown playing Pac-Man at one point. Peter is shown teaching Chris the birds and the bees with Pikachu and Jigglypuff toys. The picture of Jesus and Obama is a reference to Seth's other cartoon "The Cleveland Show". Stewie mentions "That one dumb show with the alien" which is a reference to American Dad.


Seth McFarlane as Peter, Stewie, Brian, Ernie, and Quagmire. Alex Borstein as Lois. Patrick Warburton as Joe, Finn and Bert. Mike Henry as Herbert and Jake. Anne Hathaway as Jennifer and Jewel. Rachel Crow as Carla. Kristin Chenoweth as herself.

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