Chloe was Brian's girlfriend in "The Book of Joe". She was a jogger who went by Brian's usual coffee shop every day. Of course, to get with her, he had to be a big runner too. She is voiced by Mae Whitman.


Chloe is an exercising running girl, who always takes a quick stop by the Hot & Muggy coffee shop, on her daily runs, to order a quick lick of a fried cappuccino. Other Hot & Muggyman, Brian Griffin sees her entry every time she passes by and has grown an obsession with her. He asked her out once after she existed the shop and pretended to also be an exercising man. Apparently, this lie worked and the man, we know as Brian Griffin truly bumped up a gal.

Brian then stopped by Chloe's house for their date, but Chloe was weirdly in her jogging clothes. As it turns out, she was going do a quick run before their date. She convinced Brian to run with her, by saying if he did, he'd earn his dessert. Brian tortured himself by running was more than his usual run. But Chloe kept taunting him. Eventually, Brian hit his runner's from the running he did from running up a hill. Finally, they both had sex with eachother.

After she taught him a few lessons about exercise, he started to commit to the thing and became a full-blown runner (douche runner of course) and he planned on running a marathon with her.

Before you could even know it, Brian dumped Chloe and made her cry, as he moved on. He committed to it so hard, that Chloe couldn't keep up with him, so he broke it off with her.


Chloe is a hot, blonde haired girl with big boobs. She has light, sunny blonde hair, that's tied in a ponytail with a pink hair elastic. Her hair also happens to be kinda messy and very liney. She has a hot pink sports bra that holds her boobs in place and emphasizes their hotness. She has black short shorts and purple and white sneakers and white socks.


Chloe is a very athletic, fit girl who is kinda obsessed with exercise. Guess it's what she has to be if she wants to stay in shape. She is also a nice girl. She is also probably trying to get boys to go out with her, which would explain her unnecessary exposure of her boobs and the way she almost immediately accepted Brian asking her out, even though she didn't even known a damn thing about that dog.

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