Cheers is an American sitcom about some people at a bar in Boston, Massachusetts who just sit around and chat like a group of friends do. It has been parodied many times in Family Guy.

Cheers in Family Guy

  • In "Road to Rupert", Peter Griffin decides to entertain himself without his drivers license by pretending he is part of the show.
  • In "Three Kings", during the Stand by Me chapter, Ace (Mayor West),Beast Man, Mer-Man and Norm, a character from Cheers arrives as members of Ace's gang to take possession of a dead body found by Peter and his friends.
  • After Stewie is kicked out of his own musical duo with Brian in "The Boys in the Band", He notes that the act won't be the same, just as Cheers wasn't the same after Kirstie Alley. As Norm enters the bar and is greeted, a female voice is heard from him announcing he is really the new character.
  • Brian and Stewie's turning out the lights on Frank's Restaurant, Jr. in "Bookie of the Year" is a homage to the final episode of Cheers, in which Same also turned out the lights for the final time in the bar. The title card that follows lists the producers of Cheers.
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