Charles in Charge
Charles in Charge is a sitcom about a guy named Charles (whose last name was never revealed), who's left in charge of three annoying, bratty little kids, who don't take him seriously as an authority figure, leaving him completely out of charge.

Charles in Charge in Family Guy

  • In "The Thin White Line", it is revealed Peter Griffin once worked as a security guard for George Harrison from The Beatles on the night he was attacked by an assailant. Peter is in a guard hut with his feet up and is watching the show while singing along to the theme music. Meanwhile, a knife-wielding man scales the fence behind him and runs into the house followed by much commotion.
  • In "Road to the North Pole", Peter asks Mall Santa Claus for a Charles in Charge lunchbox. At the end of the episode, which takes place about one year after the initial request, he receives it from the real Santa.
  • In "New Kidney in Town", the opening theme airs in live action on The Drunken Clam's television. Peter skips dialysis to watch the episode.


  • The theme song is also part of the "T.V. Medley" on the Family Guy: Live in Vegas album.
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