Chap of the Manor
Chap of the Manor is a British sit-com, created by Dicky Dickens that aired on BBC1 that ran from 1975 to 1979. The series featured a middle class, urban family called The Galdenstocks, living in the fictional English town of Billingsbury. The main character was Neville Galdenstock, a rather oafish patriarch of an already dysfunctional family, consisting of his wife, Lydia, his son, Collingsworth Galdenstock, his daughter, British Meg Galdenstock, his baby, Sebastian, and his horse, Baldwin. Despite the series', short run time of only 26 episodes, it has still gained much critical acclaim from professional critics of high-brow classy television and has even garnered a cult following of fans from not only Great Britain, but many other countries across the world, such as The United States and Canada. The show is also notable for it's American version, Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, that was loosely based off of Chap of the Manor's premise.





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