Cecil Pirtchfield
Dr. Pirtchfield
Dr. Pirtchfield
Full name

Cecil Pirtchfield


83 (deceased)


Child Psychologist


Mrs. Pirtchfield (mother)


Send in Stewie, Please

Dr. Cecil Pirtchfield (March 1, 1935 - March 18, 2018) was Stewie Griffin's professional psychologist, working at . He appeared in "Send in Stewie, Please".


Stewie makes uncomfortable small talk until Dr. Prichfield notes that he has strong opinions. Stewie brings up his accent, although the doctor fails to take note of it. Stewie analyzes Prichfield's gay relationship until the doctor observes that he is lonely, which brings Stewie to tears. He admits that he is something of an outcast at the school. The conversation changes to Stewie's sexuality, which he claims to be heterosexual and admits plucking his hair, his fling with world domination and his fascination with musicals.

He takes up an offer of tea and the Dr. tells of his own youth in the blitz where he lost his parents and as passed around until he ended up in an orphanage. Stewie stops his long story and they return to Stewie's differences and he slowly drops his accent. He considers allowing his true self out but reconsiders returns back to his old ways. As he starts to take a sip of coffee, the Dr. begins to have heart trouble and Stewie allows him to die since he's seen the truth behind the facade that Stewie puts up.


  • Dr. Pirtchfield was 5 years old when The Blitz ended. Considering the events of "Send in Stewie, Please" took place during it's air date, which was in 2018, that would mean he lived to be 83 years old.
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