Carter and Tricia
Carter and Tricia is an episode of Family Guy.


Carter Pewterschmidt marries Tricia Takanawa.




Major Roles

Minor Roles


Cultural References

Deleted Scenes

  • Are we talking about Jake Gyllenhaal or Jared Leto?
  • A stupid cutaway about Dr. Frankenstein and Igor.
  • Peter becoming that guy with a ski tan that he can't talk about.
  • Extended dialogue about standing desks.
  • Peter saying something dumb about people disrespecting him if he wears shorts.
  • Peter wanting to go to Surf Camp.
  • Stewie showing a driving video, where everyone is played by him.
  • Peter fucking around with the underpants vending machine.
  • Pointless dialogue between Chris and Lois, explaining what we already know.
  • Peter assisting a really, really old Indiana Jones get out of the bathtub.
  • Carter and Tricia tack about buttocks and knuckles.
  • Carter belches through his nose.
  • Tricia thinks Papa John is dying his eyebrows, so she fucks him.
  • A cutaway about pedophile boy scouts.
  • Peter and Carter chuckling for no apparent reason, making everyone else chuckle.
  • Stewie and Brian making some dumb joke, where Stewie asks him for ice cream.
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