Carter Pewterschmidt
Carter Pewterschmidt
Carter Pewterschmidt
Full name

Carter Roosevelt Pewterschmidt


72 (debut)
73 (as of "Welcome Back, Carter")


Founder/Owner of Pewterschmidt Industries


unnamed father
unnamed mother (maiden name Roosevelt)
Babs Pewterschmidt (wife)
Lois Griffin (younger daughter)
Carol West (older daughter)
Patrick Pewterschmidt (son)
Peter Griffin (son-in-law)
Meg Griffin (older granddaughter)
Chris Griffin (older grandson)
Stewie Griffin (younger grandson)
Robin West (granddaughter)
Mayor Adam West (son-in-law)

Voiced by

Seth MacFarlane

Carter Roosevelt Pewterschmidt (born July 29, 1927) is a major recurring villain. He's the husband of Babs Pewterschmidt, the father of Lois, Carol and Patrick, the father-in-law of Peter and Adam West and the maternal grandfather of Meg, Chris, Stewie and Robin. He first appeared in "Road to Rhode Island". He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.


In "Road to Rhode Island", Stewie was sent to stay with Carter and Babs in Palm Springs and clearly didn't enjoy it. His nightmare was over when Brian came to pick him up.

In "Screwed the Pooch", Carter had a pet dog named Seabreeze, who he entered into the dog race. He got really mad at Brian when he had sex with her.

In "If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'", Carter did absolutely nothing.

In "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father, ... Brother?", Carter accidentally revealed that one of his great ancestors was a slave owner, who owned Nate Griffin, the great ancestor of Peter Griffin, technically making it part of their family history that The Pewterschmidt Family owned The Griffin Family.


Carter has persimmon like skin, gray hair, including a mustache, a blue suit, with a white collared shirt under it, and black shoes. In his past debut's he has been shown with brown hair instead of white.


Though many things can be said about Carter, it usually simplifies down to him being an asshole. Carter is a typical high-class rich prick, who looks down on and laughs at the poor and middle class. Sometimes, Carter goes out of his way to actively pull immature pranks to disturb or inconvenience people who are less rich than him just so that he can have a good laugh. However, when it comes to Lois, he still loves and cares for her deeply and would never dream of hurting her, despite the fact that she's currently living a middle class life. The only qualm he has with Lois is the fact that she married such an idiot and would be very proud of her if she dumped him. Nevertheless, he still supports his daughter even if he completely disrespects Peter. Carter has also exhibited racism against blacks and hispanics as well as bigotry against Jews. He is shown to have a bunch of overworked and underpaid migrant workers from South American countries helping him out around the house, who he is exceptionally rude to. Some flashbacks have also proven that Carter used to have black domestic workers.



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