Call of Duty is a series of awesome war games created by Treyarch,Activision,and Infinity Ward. On the regular episodes, a crossover is made in in Quahog April in Quahog. Peter played team deathmatch in Favela

CoD Crossovers onto Family Guy

  1. On "What Matter's Most",after the celebration,Peter plays on the Call of Duty:Black Ops Map Pack 2 exclusive, Call of the Dead zombies map. It is seen he gets the "Time Travel Will Tell" achievement with noted player DaStarWarsPoke.
  2. On "Not The Golden Days",Peter tells Lois of his troubles with the Spetsnaz in Azerbijan after the assassination of terrorist Al-Asaud with the British SAS Bravo Team.
  3. When Peter walks through a graveyard with his new M16,worried that he'd be in Nacht der Untoten,an arm flies up from the ground. Peter grabs Brian,Joe,and Quagmire. It is too late,as a zombie invasion begins.This happens in "Not the Golden Days".
  4. In "Freaks of Spooner St.",Peter gets so bored with his street-fighting that he focuses on achievements for Modern Warfare 3.
  5. Peter's favorite class in CoD:BO consists of an AUG Supressor Warsaw Camo,a Makarov Supressor,a Semtex,a Flashbang,a Camera Spike,Ghost Perk,Slight of Hand Perk (Speed Cola in "Zombies"),and Ninja Pro Perk.
  6. Chris' favorite class in CoD:BO consists of a Stoner63 Flora Camo Masterkey,a Strela-3,a Frag Grenade,a Willy Pete,a C-4, Hardline Perk,Warlord Perk,and Ninja Pro Perk. He is in Pretige 1,however he just kept it this way since lvl 25.
  7. Riley and Brian play CoD:BO half of the time, only the zombie minigame online.
  8. Peter often skips out to play Black Ops 2.
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