If you hate Caillou, you’ll love this!

Brian the Narrator: (Caillou is in the living room playing pitifully on his iPad. I’m suprised he hasn’t smashed it yet)

Doris: Caillou this is your new baby brother Stewie

Caillou: I don’t like him

Boris: Maybe you can be a big brother and hold him

(They leave and give Stewie to Caillou)

(Caillou throws Stewie on the couch)

Caillou: I don’t want it

(Caillou walks away)

Stewie: Remember this, brother

(Caillou turns around suprised)

Stewie: You have been warned!


(Caillou is taking a bath)

(There is a electrical plug hanging ih the water

(Caillou stupidly grabs the metal part of the plug and electrecutes himself)

(Stewie looks through the door with an evil grin on his face)

The next day...

(Caillou walks in the hallway)

Stewie: Hello brother

(Caillou turns around)

Stewie: (holding a gun) We meet again!

Caillou: What are you doing here?

Stewie: Good question! You’re just a kid at 4, and each day you’ll DIE SOME MORE!!

(Stewie shoots several lasers at Caillou, eho falls down the stairs and dies)

Stewie: Victory is mine!

(The episode is cut to black with a bang)

(episode ends)

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