Buttscratcher is a running gag on Family Guy, involving parodies on backscratchers called "buttscratchers". The gag involves Peter walking around the bleachers of a baseball game and yelling "Buttscratcher!" in a hot dog vendor-like fashion.


No Chris Left Behind

Peter walked around a baseball game, selling buttscratchers like a hot dog vendor. He yelled "Buttscratcher!" into the crowd and a few people would yell back at him, "Buttscratcher!" if they wanted to buy a buttscratcher.

Dog and Dumber



Peter becomes a "Pot Baggy" vendor and goes around the baseball game, shouting "Pit Baggy" in the same fashion as he did with buttscratchers.

A Woman Walks Into a Bar

Lois goes around the audience of The Ellen Degeneres Show, selling Boobscratchers in the same fashion as Peter did in the baseball game with buttscratchers.

Baby, You Knock Me Out

Peter's Sister

Peter's Def Jam


Throw It Away

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