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The Brown-Tubbs Family is a major family in Family Guy, living in the Brown House on Spooner Street. They were formerly the main family of The Cleveland Show. They are a blended family, where Cleveland Brown, father of Cleveland Junior, marries Donna Tubbs, mother of Roberta and Rallo, after the divorce of his ex-wife and Junior's biological mother, Loretta as well as the divorce of Donna's ex-husband and Roberta and Rallo's biological father, Robert Jones. They also own the pet dog, Rock Hudson.


Cleveland Brown

Loretta Brown

Cleveland Brown Jr.

Donna Tubbs-Brown

Roberta Tubbs

Rallo Tubbs

Rock Hudson

Extended Family

Brown Family

Tubbs Family

  • Robert Jones (Donna's ex-husband)
  • Auntie Momma (Donna's designated caretaker; Dee Dee's sister)
  • Dee Dee Tubbs (Donna's mother; deceased)
  • Hong Kong Phooey (Robert and Dee Dee's adopted son)
  • Janet Tubbs (Donna's sister)
  • Brian Tubbs (Janet's son)
  • DeBrian Tubbs (Janet's son)
  • Dennis Rodman (Donna's first ex-husband)
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