Brooke Roberts
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Brooke Roberts

Brooke Roberts is a girl that Brian dated in "Brian the Bachelor". She starred on The Bachelorette.


Brooke was "looking for a man" on The Bachelorette in "Brian the Bachelor". Her final choice comes down to Brian Griffin and Glenn Quagmire, eliminating such contestants as Frankenberry and Trevor. She chooses Brian, who she first bonded with during a horseback riding challenge. Brian had fallen in love with her by this time. She ended up leaving him as it was only intended to be just a television show and not a long-term relationship. Brian continued stalking her afterward, trying to make things work, but she made it clear, she didn't return his feelings.

In "Valentine's Day in Quahog", Brooke returned, along with all of Brian's former girlfriends. When explaining his reasons for dumping everyone, he stated that Brooke's vomit tasted weird.


Brooke is a hot woman with wavy, blonde hair and a purple dress. She has pretty eye shadow and red lips. She also has magenta sandals. Sometimes, she wears a blue sweater, tan jeans, and dark brown shoes, whenever she's not all gussied up for a fancy day, or a night on the tele, that is.

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