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Brian wagging his tailVinny wagging his tail

Brian and Vinny is a fanonical series of adventures in the Family Guy universe by LDEJRuff.


Brian had bought Vinny as a Christmas present for the Griffins, and now they are like brothers. Stewie occasionally goes along with the two dogs on their many adventures.


Season One

  1. A Multiversal Adventure
  2. Twisted Tuesday
  3. Episode Zero
  4. The Remembering a Friend Saga
    1. Remembering a Friend
    2. Memories Recovered
    3. Friends Forever
  5. The Orb of Time (season movie finale)

Season Two (Black Olive arc)

  1. Brian the Timesaver
  2. Sons and Brothers
  3. Millionaire Dogs
  4. Brian, Vinny and New Brian
    1. Guess Who's Back
    2. A Made-Up Quest (crossover with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
    3. Going Home
  5. Blue-Ribboned Dog
  6. The Mysterious Black Olive
  7. Vinny's Daughter
  8. Brianna and Vivian
  9. And I'm Dianne Simmons
  10. Duel With a Ghoul
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