Brian and Barbara is a series of Family Guy fanfics by hopeless-romance45 and later by DecaTilde. It introduces fans to a Basque Shepherd dog who was raised in a dog-fighting organization, named Barbara, who would later become Brian's mate.

Fanfics in Chronological Order

  1. Now That I've Found You
  2. Our Adventures Begin
  3. Dinner and Murder
  4. Our First Christmas
  5. Save the Puppies
  6. Goodbye, Brian My Love
  7. Memories
  8. A Christmas Miracle
  9. An Unexpected Valentine's Day


What hr45 wanted

  1. My Sacrifice
  2. Grow Up

What DecaTilde wanted

  1. The Following Christmas
  2. Dreams, Realities and Adventures
  3. Breakaway
  4. Stand By Me
  5. Revival 'BBBOJM'

Production Problems

Around 2014, one of hr45's fans, Brian4life, wanted her to write an adaptation of the episode "Christmas Guy", but hr45 refused to write it. Instead, she wrote "My Sacrifice" as a sequel to "Memories", which she wanted Brian and Barbara to be resurrected through a deal Jenny and Marcus made with Death. When the fanfic was progressing, Brian4life got so scared, she wanted hr45 to stop writing it and begin writing an adaptation to "Christmas Guy" like she said before, but hr45 still said no.

But Brian4life still insisted, even after hr45 discontinued writing "My Sacrifice". This proved to be the last straw for hr45, and she blocked her from PM'ing her anymore.

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